Twenty feet from stardom

Just watched an absolute gem of a documentary movie ’Twenty Feet From Stardom’, all  about the backing vocalists that we all don’t really know, but almost all of us have heard over the years and who have absolutely created those sounds for the artists they backed for…again and again.

You really should seek this movie out…by buying, renting or downloading.  It’s a thouroughly enjoyable, enlightning experience and education on your musical legacy/history.

Absolutely beautiful, beautiful women who put their heart and soul into what they do…and they do it magnificently.  As Springsteen says “the walk to the front is…complicated”. With Darleen Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer.  If your’e 35+ remind yourself.  If you’re 35-, do yourself a favour, look at how things once where, and really could be again.  :-)

[Reed] and the coloured girls sing…do.da do..da do… do…do.da do...da da do…etc. [/Reed]

© Ray Nelson 2019