Fourth Album ‘Music for Film' 2

A slow start to the fourth album.  Fully expected really as Empire took a little longer than expected...trying to achieve perfection tends to do this.   The album has the working title ‘Music for Film’ though I won’t be expecting any of this music to be picked up for film. The title is more about music being a part of your own film of life…living your own movie.

Two tracks in at the moment with a third I keep playing around with.  A strange concept for a track called ‘The Conversation’ and I’m not sure if it’s working….the idea is pretty good though.  Ordinarily, if you have doubts about a track, it’s probably best to put it to one side…but there is something about this one I can’t let go.

I seem to have less time these days for my music as the day job…the one that puts food on the table…has taken over somewhat.  There is still a life to be lived so I’ll get there in the end.

© Ray Nelson 2019