Album Progress

My third electronic, solo and instrumental album now has a name…’Empire’.  

Predominantly about the greedy and the good, where banking / financial systems use (and abuse) the rest of us.  I read a book recently - Flash Boys by Michael Lewis {The Big Short, Moneyball}).  The book tells the true story of market traders trying to find out why the stock market did not appear to be as their screens before them, suggested it was.  Before them led and investigation to figure out what was happening, who was responsible and their fight to correct the situation in order to restore faith…trust back into the markets.  There should be a film that counters ‘Wall Street’ i.e. denounce Gecko’s statement that “ good”.   No it isn’t Gordon…it isn’t at all.

Album release date  24/04/17.

Track  Title

  1.  The Random Nature of Life
  2.  06:44
  3.  Rise of the Quants
  4.  Algorithm
  5.  Nell
  6.  Moon Madness
  7.  Dark Pools
  8.  What Just Changed?
  9.  Within the Beast
  10.  Age of Decline
  11.  A Champion Among Thieves
  12.  Worlds Without Greed
© Ray Nelson 2019